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Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa offers a unique geothermal, cultural, and health spa experience like no other…

Being the only Geothermal Park and Mineral Spa in New Zealand, we pride ourselves on providing a unique, sustainable, spa and geothermal experience to visitors- With infusions of passion, fun and relaxation.

The Thermal Reserve is set in 50 acres full of steaming fumeroles and pools of boiling mud so violent it becomes unnerving… Witness the remarkable formations and colours, cascading hot water and unearthly vistas, even example of “land coral.”

Experience the power of the Tikitere waters- Known and treasured by local Maori for over 800 years, renowned as a place of healing and revitalising. Feel the power of the tradtional Maori massage “Miri Miri” – the total massage of body and spirit.

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